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Short Story Contest, Spring 2006

Welcome to the anthrofiction contest for spring of 2006. I am the new contest manager for this quarter, Scott Miller (ScottyDM), and am taking over for Nathan Ryan (Nadan) the creator of this contest who, due to personal reasons, is unable to continue with it this year. It has been an interesting transition and I hope you’ll be patient with any little glitches you might find with the website.

I am scrambling to find an appropriate prize for this quarter’s contest. I will announce the prize before the end of the judging period.

Judging Results

I am excited to present to you the judging results for the this quarter’s contest. Ordered by score.




The Dance

Dr. Kayngi


Preacher Bennie Bunny

Oscar Rat


The Stinkfields and the McChips Feud

Oscar Rat


The Flight of the Silver Phoenix

No Idea


Far from Home

Nathan Ryan


Note: the text for each story will be removed from this site on 2006-Sep-10, or earlier at the author’s request. If authors host their stories elsewhere on the Internet they may link to them from their story’s main page here on Anthrofiction Network.

This Quarter’s Theme was Foreigners

A detailed description of this quarter’s theme is on the theme page.

Contest Rules

The judging criteria, how the scores are calculated, and the rules for entering the contest are all on the contest rules page.

In addition to scores from interested members, there was a judging panel this quarter.

The members of this quarter’s panel: Scott Miller, Mike Regan, and Amber Barnes. Scott is a writer, passionate about excellence in writing and keenly interested in anthrofiction. Mike is a self-proclaimed “purveyor of fine furry fiction” and the owner/operator of The Raccoon’s Bookshelf for the past five years. Amber (a.k.a. PrincessB) was the winner of the 2005 Jade Tiger award and finished in the top three every contest last year.

Important Dates

Contest kickoff off and announcement of the theme: 2006-Mar-01.

Announcement of the judging results: 2006-Jun-21.

Text of the stories removed from the site: 2006-Sep-10 or earlier at request of author.

Important note: dates roll over at midnight, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
The time is: 2020-Jan-19 02:59:30.

Site Notes

All stories are copyright by their respective authors. All rights reserved unless otherwise stated by the author. Other web page contents and coding are copyright 2006 through 2009 by Scott Miller (ScottyDM) of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. All rights reserved. Feel free to contact me about anything on this site.

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