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This website is by a writer, for writers. It is about improving as a storyteller and writer, and teaching others to do the same. It is also about readers—because without readers there is no need for writers.

This website is also about the promotion of anthrofiction as a genre. As a writer, I like to explore characters who are real and in some ways familiar, but not human. Characters who experience the world differently than humans do, who think differently, and who have different needs and physiologies than humans have. I feel such a character can be right at home in mainstream, literary, romance, historic, mystery, chic-lit, thriller, and other genres—rather than limited to only science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and children’s stories.

This website will attempt to accomplish these goals through several means. The first is to hold a quarterly short story contest. My future plans are to build an online resource center for writers, and to create a critique system so anthrofiction writers can learn from each other.

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