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Policies and Terms of Service

The primary purpose of a login system is to protect the marketability of our writers’ works, should they be at or near the necessary level of skill for a professional sale. But having a login system means we now require formal policies and terms that protect everyone’s rights.

Terms of Service If you read only one section, this is the one. This details how I expect you to behave. It covers: membership, intellectual property, content, behavior, spamming, hacking, legal jurisdiction, and legal response.

Privacy Policy What I do with your e-mail address and other personal information, as well as how this site uses cookies and Java Script.

COPPA The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act is federal law in the USA and it controls my actions. If you’re 13 or older you may ignore this.

DMCA Section 512 If you think one of our members has “borrowed” your intellectual property then this section details what you can do about it.

Site Notes

All stories are copyright by their respective authors. All rights reserved unless otherwise stated by the author. Other web page contents and coding are copyright 2006 through 2009 by Scott Miller (ScottyDM) of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. All rights reserved. Feel free to contact me about anything on this site.

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