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Management Team and Panel Members

Manager, Scott Miller (ScottyDM): Scotty has several sites, but his writings can be found on his SkunkWks virtual reality website. You can find Scotty’s other sites through the Links page on SkunkWks.

Co-Manager, _____:

Manager Emeritus, Nathan Ryan (Nadan, a.k.a. Anthony Tiger): Nadan is the creator of the Watching Stone AnthroStory Contest, which is the predecessor of the Anthrofiction Writing Contest. His site is Nadan’s Watching Stone, where he keeps his writings and art.

Guest Panel Members, Present and Past

Mike Regan (the Old Gray Raccoon): …

Amber Barnes (PrincessB): …

Places to Host Your Anthrofiction Online

If you simply want to publish your anthrofiction to the ‘Net and let someone else fiddle with page coding and other technical mysteries, try one of these sites.

The Raccoon’s Bookshelf: The Raccoon’s Bookshelf has been a purveyor of fine furry fiction since 2001. There are over 120 stories, everything from short stories to full novels and works in progress, and over 35 poems. Nearly all are in pdf format.

Anthrofiction Stories Web Site: Furry fiction and more on the web! There are about 35 short stories and essays and four multi-chapter books on this site. Anthrofiction Stories is on a new host with new site scripting and Steve Abbot is still moving stories from the previous format to the new.

Elfwood: Not exclusively anthrofiction, but with the theme of Science Fiction and Fantasy they accept most anthrofiction. They use a system of moderators to screen content before they publish it. They also have a lot of art, and there’s a feedback system so people can leave comments on your “gallery”.

Anthro Archives . Org: There are 159 short stories and chapters posted by 80 authors, but there are also 38 pending applications from new authors. Anthro Archives very much needs an active manager.

I do not recommend a site like FictionPress. It tries to be all things to all people in all languages, and by so doing fails to be anything for anyone other than a vast warehouse of words. It is unmoderated and unfocused.


How do you get a link to your website as an author? It’s very simple, enter a story in the contest and have it go through the judging period.

Resources for Authors

I’ll put something here.

Friends of Anthrofiction Network

Planetfurry is the official, unofficial message board of Anthrofiction Network. Check out the Anthrofiction Network’s Contest forum there.

This will be where I put links to sites that are complementary with Anthrofiction Network. The easiest way to convince me to link to your site is to link to Anthrofiction Network on your site—and be relevant to the theme and goals of Anthrofiction Network.

Site Notes

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