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This website is by a writer, for writers. It is about improving as a storyteller and writer, and teaching others to do the same. It is also about readers—because without readers there is no need for writers. And this website is about the promotion of anthrofiction as a genre. Of course we need a definition of anthrofiction.

Anthrofiction Network is family friendly. There is nothing here stronger than the equivalent of PG-13, and some stories may be suitable for young people.

Read more about my motivation for starting this website.


The Contest

The first method I’m using to accomplish my goals for this site is to hold a quarterly writing contest. The current contest is:

Short Story Contest, Fall 2011

This contest’s judging period closed, but I’ve not yet announced the new contest period. Meanwhile, check out the stories from the past contests and see if I’ve posted the scores you and the panel of judges gave to them.

Time on this website is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the current date and time are 2019-12-10 21:20:31.


I had been dreaming of creating a website for authors of anthrofiction to grow and improve, but didn’t do anything with that dream until Nathan Ryan was forced to cancel his anthro-story writing contest mid-season. Read more about the history of this website.


At the bottom of every page is a contact me link. I’ve worked hard to make this site smooth running and robust, but the site is still new and it is not all here. If you see anything you feel needs attention, or wish to make some comment about the site, feel free to send me a message.

Thank you.

Scott Miller (ScottyDM)

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